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The best quality fireworks and retail stores Charleston, SC with custom fireworks displays and shows. Brothers,Black Cat,Great Grizzly,World Class, TNT,Megabanger,Triple X firecrackers and Herbies. Since 1977 We add that "Extra Spark"
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Southeastern Fireworks Display Company,  SC,GA,AL,NC,FL,TN,AK
Wild Bills Display Fireworks
Since 1977 we add that "Extra Spark" TM
Serving the Southeastern States
South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, TN, MI, LA
Climax your romantic wedding evening or special event with a spectacular fireworks show or fireworks display from Southeastern Fireworks Display Company based in Charleston, South Carolina, With offices in NC and GA. Wedding, company picnic, sporting event, race, July 4th or grand opening or maybe a birthday party? We have what you want. Light the night sky with a spark of showers and huge colorful aerial firework effects. Our professional team will design a custom fireworks show or fireworks display for your unique event. This is one of our many information pages regarding shows on this website. We are the premier provider of firework displays and shows for towns, sports teams, race tracks, parades or your private event, party, wedding, and any other special occasion. Our goal is to provide the very best in overall entertainment. We customize each display or show to your desires and we incorporate a show theme. We design each display or show to be unique, like every person and event. Our fireworks displays can be choreographed to lights, music and lasers, with a full service staff available.  Since our quality control standards are so high, our professional custom shows are some of the best in the business. We also offer the latest computer controlled technology, to bring you the very best in premier pyrotechnic entertainment and artistic display. 
We supply you with our insurance certificate and other credentials. We assist you in planning the event and provide a detailed description of how the fireworks work and how we would design your show. Never an obligation and never any upfront costs. We are commited to excellence. 
Our goal is to always deliver attention to every detail. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. We can accomodate just about any budget. So give us a call and speak with our team. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we service the Southeastern US, including: Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida,TN LA, AK 
866-507-3877 Toll Free, Speak with us today!
Please Click Here for Fireworks Display FAQS 

Wedding fireworks and wedding sparklers


Show and Display Questions:

Questions and information to factor into your fireworks display or fireworks show.

  • Location of where the proposed fireworks display will take place.
  • Display? Show? Do you want a display or a show?
  • Duration, how long of a show would you like to have?
  • Budget.


When you call our company one of our fireworks display designers will discuss the above and answer your questions. Let us do the work for you. With our display company, there is never a fee for us to check on preparing a display or show for you. Again, we know your business has to be earned. So, you have nothing to lose from making a Toll Free phone call to 866-507-3877 or Contact Us via email.



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We are more than a professional display company:

We are a professional fireworks company. Once we have spoken with you regarding your event, it allows us to determine the type of firework appropriate for the location. A fireworks display is just the discharge of fireworks. A show is more of a theatrical presentation with music. We have music play lists that accompany our shows, however we can use music that you provide. Again, the company you choose is important but experience is priceless. Hundreds of companies and brides have trusted us with their event.



Working on a tight budget? We can help you design your own show without shooting it for you. Many options available please inquire for more details.


Event Planning Ideas:

Not everyone works with a planner or coordinator. This prompted out team to offer other ideas to compliment your celebration. For example, Lanterns, these are smokeless paper parachutes that rise into the air lite. we have too many to list but our brochure and DVD goes into great detail. Sometimes simple things can add great elegance and detail to your special night.


Equality: Every customer is treated with the respect and attention they deserve. From the largest event planning companys to the private individual you are our customer and we work for you.


Wedding Ideas: 

When the show could begin:


  • Following the ceremony
  • Following the reception
  • Bride & Groom departure
  • Introduction as Husband & Wife


Technology: We offer the latest in computer controlled firing. This means your display and music are controlled by a computer. This allows us to present the latest in pyromusicals. Let us choreograph your songs or playlist to accompany the majic of aerial fireworks. Other services available including lighting and lasers to your event.


Design and Choreography:

This is one of the most important factors in your special show. Some of our displays are a theatrical presentation, with a lot of passion. We put depth and character into planning your event. We will shoot from 2 or 3 different locations to give a unique effect. From the ground to the aerial explostions you will never get a "One size fits all" presentation. Options, we also can present you with several options to choose from to accomodate location and budget. Without requesting more information below you will never know!


An aerial Display is great for attracting crowds:

Are you opening a new business, are you having a special event and want to attract a larger crowd? Firework show is the way to go. More people will come to your event to watch fireworks. It will leave your audience with a lasting impression and leaving them wanting more. Town festival or parade, a school event or sporting event. Grand opening or concert. An aerial show will boost your attendance and give you a ROI. Corporate function or company picnic, we are hear to add that "Extra Spark"



Some of our clients:


Fuji Film Company

USC Athletics

Town of TN, AL, GA, SC

Hundreds of Event and Wedding planners

WWE Wrestling

The Cliff's

MANY Celebrities and MANY MANY more

  Below is a short list of our requested Fireworks Displays:                

  • Weddings & Receptions                                                                        
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  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Church Functions
  • Movie and Film Making
  • Town / Community Events
  • Parades
  • Private Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events
  • Grand Openings
  • Surprise parties
  • Special events
  • General shows

    Please see the below fireworks show brochure:


    What is a fireworks display?


      A fireworks display or show is the professional use and discharge of professional fireworks and ordinances (an ordinance is any other explosive item | sparklers, wheels, spark showers, smoke, stage and theatrical effects)  A dedicated team of professionals will answers every question you may have. From the first phone call, we are dedicated to working for you. Firework display packages are available, however, we have never shot a duplicate show. We cater to a broad scope of clients in a broad region. South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and many other states. Our clients range from corporate sponsors to event planners to private weddings, partys and company events. The end result to a grand evening by lighting the night sky with big colorful fireworks and special effects will last a lifetime and make memories.


      All of our shows are customized to your standards. We listen to what you want; music and lighting is available with every show and we offer several other entertainment services as well. For example simulated fog, ice, smoke, lighting, and lasers. Please download the brochure at the bottom of this page.

      Our displays and shows range in price. Do not hesitate to call about your special event. A private fireworks show can be inexpensive. We do have a minimum fee however other options are available to you. Call us today and allow us to show you just how special a night with a firework show can be.


      We add that "Extra Spark" In addition to our services we offer retail sales also. Wedding sparklers are a very popular inexpensive way to add "Spark" at your wedding. You may purchase these by the box or by the case. Please contact us for pricing. 


      We are here to help: 

      We take care of all aspects of your show. From the initial phone call to site plans and permits. We do most of the work for you. You probably have a lot on your mind when planning an event, therefore this is one less thing you have to over see. We also know your time is valuable. The company makes a difference but experience is priceless. Our dedicatated team of design professionals will make your show a true night to remember. With attention to every detail we listen and design a show based on what you desire. Fireworks are one of the oldest forms of physical art. Real, tangible and alive. So call us, let us light up your night sky with our special effects and dazzling pyro power. NFPA 1123 NFPA 1126 Code Use. of 1.3g Class B fireworks by licensed professionals only. We meet or exceed regulations. Spectator Insurance and General Liability up to 10 million.


        Mission Statement: Is to provide the best fireworks show and overall entertainment to our customers by applying cutting edge technology in the field of pyrotechnics combined with the best customer care. We look forward to speaking with you. 866-507-3877 Contact Us


        Please contact us at 866.507.3877 or by following link to request additional information. Please Click Here to download our request for information form, or you may call us at the following numbers:


        866.507.3877 Toll Free


        843.818.8318 SC Main

        843.849.2100 South Carolina Company Office

        843.818.8074 Field/ Mobile

        866.396.9348 Georgia Company Office


        Click Here to download 2009-2010 Wedding Brochure. Full of great information you can use.

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